The development of Daqing Oilfield is closely related with the destiny of China. Daqing Oilfield was discovered on September 26, 1959. Up until the early 1960s, hundreds of thousands of petroleum workers from all across the country streamed to Songliao basin, located in the northern part of China, where only wild, barren land and a bitter climate accompanied their presence. From then on, a massive and valiant campaign was undertaken in the search for petroleum.

In less than 3 years, Daqing Oilfield was successfully explored and developed, which was of great importance to the Chinese Economy. Since then, China has been able to guarantee supply of petroleum and the petroleum industry in China entered a new stage.

China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) then formed Daqing Petroleum Administration Bureau Company Ltd. (DPAB) to manage and develop Daqing Oilfield. Daqing City, also known as the Oil Capital of China developed to house the oilfield workers. From the year 1963, when the whole oilfield was put into production, annual oil production was climbing incrementally at a rate of 3 million, and production peaked in 1976 at 50 million tons per year. For 27 years, production was maintained at this level, and cumulative oil production has exceeded 18 billion barrels with a total drilling footage of 3.5 million feet and 100,000 wells. Daqing Oilfield has contributed actively to the prosperous social and economic development of not only the Heilongjiang province but the whole of China.


The development of DAQING Oilfield started at a hard time, a difficult place and under painstaking conditions. In the early 1960’s, tens of thousands of oilmen marched into Songnen Plain in Northeast China from around the country for a tough oil battle on the boundless prairie and achieved remarkable results.

Through five decades of development and construction, DAQING is now not only one of the world’s famous giant oilfields, but also the pioneer in the research and test of tertiary recovery technologies such as polymer flooding and ASP flooding. While contributing great amount of material wealth for the nation’s economic development, DAQING has fostered the DAQING Spirit and the Iron Man Spirit, which embodies the spiritual essence of China’s petroleum enterprises.


“Iron Man” Wang Jinxi (1923-1970) was a remarkable figure in China’s petroleum industry. He and his crew drilled the first oil well in the DAQING Oilfield, under extremely adverse conditions at the time. This gave rise to his nickname “Iron Man”. His diligence, loyalty, bravery and tenacity live on today in the “Iron Man” Spirit, which we still celebrate. This has long been one of CNPC’s most precious ideals, representing the company’s values of perseverance and defiance of difficulties, through hard work and courageous innovation.