Directional Drilling

Our team of professionals are ready to apply years of experience to any directional drilling applications. Our team of directional drillers bring years of experience in drilling many different well types. Our comprehensive integration of tools, processes and personnel delivers drilling performance with faster rates of penetration, superior hole quality and precise wellbore placement.

We understand that creating strong productive wells is the goal of the drilling industry and that the use of our state-of-the-art technology can offer the information necessary to make the real-time decisions that can make long term impacts.

Daqing realizes each client will have unique needs and understands that the directional drilling business is an actively changing environment and is constantly updating our drilling practices by assessing new technologies. We ensure reliability through systematic planning, competent and experienced personnel. Our services are backed by high levels of health, safety and environment, quality and operational standards, as well as defined processes and procedures shaped by industry experience. We look forward to creating solutions to any directional drilling challenges the industry can provide.