What kind of work gear will I need?

You will need a number of PPE items to get started in any field position in the oil and gas industry. Company shall provide PPE.

What kind of training do I need to get started?

Entry level positions such as Roustabout require two basic training: H2S and First Aid. Also, there is another training called In-House training required.
(All of mentioned training shall provide by Daqing Saudi Arabia Ltd.)

Will I need transport myself to work?

You will be required to transport yourself to company main office location or designated pick up area as required.

What kind of training will I receive?

You will receive on the job training and the safety certificates required as you progress in your career within the company.

Is there potential to advance within the company?

We offer a wide variety of career opportunities to talented and motivated individuals, who wish to excel within our organization.

What kind of hours and schedules will I be working?

The hours of work and schedules will vary by position; typically, field position require 12 hours shifts, working on a rotational shift cycle.

Where will I stay while I am at work and will I be required to pay for my own accommodations?

If you are required to work in a remote location you will be placed in a camp situation.

Will I need a driver’s license?

Only drivers must hold a valid driver’s license.

Will I be required to work out doors in any type of weather?

Field positions on a drilling, service, or coring rig will require you to work your shifts outdoors in a variety of weather conditions.

What happens in case of personal emergency?

If you are required to leave a remote location due to personal emergency, every effort will be made to transport you for safe area as quickly as possible.