Health, Safety & Environment

  • To perform all our operations without personnel injury and damage to the environment.
  • To maximize operation performance and provide the best services for our customers without compromising our HSE objectives.
  • To continously operate and improve our HSE management system and performance, and strive to be the best in our business sector.

As an Oil and Gas Drilling, Construction and other related fields Service company, we commit to all our employees, contractors and other stakeholders that Daqing Saudi Arabia Ltd. will work in collaboration with them and will adhere to the highest standards for their safety in the Daqing Saudi Arabia Ltd. operational facilities, off-sites (where possible); and protection of environment with a vision of continual improvement through advancement in technology, trainings and by incorporating globally recognized considerations. We will make consistent, measurable progress in implementing this commitment. We accept that all incidents, injuries and occupational illnesses are preventable, and are committed to a goal of zero recordable injury. We will assess the hazards and risks of each facility we establish including the equipment, process and transportation; and will mitigate all the risks to an acceptable level through maintenance and by universally accepted hierarchy of controls.

We are committed toward minimum waste and emission generation at the source. Where waste is generated, it will be handled and disposed off safely. We will adopt efficient use of organic fuels, water and other natural resources.

We will support two-way conversations with our stakeholders about the impacts on their health and safety from our business processes. We aspire to build collaboration with local and international legal administrations, policy programmers, business and support sectors to develop thorough policies, commandments, regulations and standards that progresses safety, health and environment.

The Company Management positions including the General Manager will be kept up-to-date about safety, health and environmental issues and they will assist to resolve the issues at priority. It will be confirmed that all the required policies, plan and procedures are in place and actions are taken to accomplish their obligation. Management will arrange the internal and external audits in its business segments and will mitigate any non-compliance seen. Management team will organize the yearly review of Compliance towards HSE targets set in the company policy objectives.

Compliance to company’s HSE statement and applicable safety laws before start of any work is also the duty of every employee, worker and associated contractor. Personnel at management position in each business segment are liable to teach, train and encourage employees and workers to recognize and to obey this commitment and applicable laws. All the employee and contractors are empowered to stop their or others’ work where risk is unacceptable. We will depute our resources to fulfill this commitment and to reinforce our business.