Oil & Gas Construction

Daqing has proven expertise and experience in oil and gas field surface construction, petroleum and petrochemical engineering, long-distance pipeline construction and marine engineering & construction etc.

Supported by a number of dedicated and efficient survey, design, engineering and construction crews as well as well-established quality management systems and a full set of operational and technical procedures. We are capable of carrying out construction operations under extreme geological and climate conditions in swamps, jungles and deserts. We have participated in the design and construction activities of large-scale petroleum and petrochemical projects in more than 20 countries and achieved a remarkable track record.

Daqing is the domestic leader in building capacity of onshore oil and gas fields. We have the capacity to build surface works to accommodate facilities with 20 Mt/a oil production capacity and 10 bcm/a gas production capacity. In addition, we have established technology packages of surface engineering in conventional oil and gas fields, in high water cut, low permeability, ultra-heavy and high condensate content oil fields, and in high pressure, high sulfur content, and high yield gas fields.

As well as, we have been contracted and accomplished surface works for a number of oil and gas fields in China, Sudan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Venezuela, Algeria, Chad and Syria, etc.
We have standardized surface engineering design in oil and gas fields in the domestic market by rolling out standardized and modular design, and enhancing the engineering design, construction quality, material procurement, engineering supervision, and matching construction.